May 2021

Colorado Springs, located at the heart of the state, has over the years progressed into something marvelous and unique.

Over time, it’s normal for a piece of furniture to succumb to deterioration, especially fabrics and leathers.

Some smells and odors can cling to your kitchens and living rooms, and not to mention bathrooms, whether it’s from cooking in the evening to having your dog run inside after a walk in the rain.

Colorado Springs is a city at the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains that will inspire you to get close to nature and treasure it.

Start Small – Stay Small You can easily burn out on Spring Cleaning, so it’s best to start small, and continue small, doing as much as you can at a time.

Get everyone excited about cleaning up the house by explaining that vinegar and baking soda makes a great household cleaner that is biodegradable, eco-friendly, explosive, and really does clean with no weird residues!