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carpet cleaning colorado springs
colorado springs carpet cleaning

The cleaning industry forms a significant part of the total Gross Domestic Product of the United States. As a result, there exists a large pool of residential and commercial cleaning companies. Due to the overwhelmingly large number of choices available, we understand that it can be challenging to choose a business that fits all your cleaning needs and delivers services at reasonable rates. At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we aim to provide all cleaning services at competitive rates. From housekeeping services to commercial janitorial services, carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning – we do it all.

When it comes to carpet cleaning Colorado Springs residents know that we have some of the best in the country, and we have a loyal clientele and their testimonials to prove it. We understand that most people are reluctant to get their carpets, rugs, or furniture cleaned professionally. What they often fail to realize is that the cost of buying a new carpet or furniture exceeds the cost of getting it cleaned professionally. Carpet cleaning is a technical task that requires the right tools, resources, and strategies. If not done correctly, the carpet can get damaged beyond repair. For this reason, at Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we use the latest and most innovative tools to perform cleaning tasks and develop strategies using our decades of experience. Our services are tailor-made to the needs of each client. We pay close attention to the carpet or rug material and accordingly devise a strategy to clean it. If stains taint it, we carefully study the kind of stain and remove it carefully.

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colorado springs carpet cleaners

Carpet Cleaners Colorado Springs

Here in Colorado Springs carpet cleaning companies like ours are popular because we treat every house as our own. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of each client’s needs and be the best at what we do. Our green, eco-friendly cleaning agents are safe for use around children, people who are sensitive to allergens or have a weaker immune system. Using naturally derived, high-end products ensures that your carpets, rugs, and upholstery is free of any particles of dust or mold. We have emerged as one of the best carpet cleaners in Colorado Springs by carrying out every task effectively and quickly. Our outstanding, experienced, and dedicated carpet cleaners Colorado Springs has ever seen help us achieve excellent outcomes. The perfect combination of innovative tools and well-researched techniques used by us play a significant role in thoroughly cleaning carpets of all kinds. Whether you need your wool, nylon, olefin, or polyester carpet cleaned, we have the resources and experience to execute an ideal cleaning plan that gets rid of all dirt.

At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we use two main cleaning treatments, best suited to the scrubbing needs of any carpet. These include dry carpet cleaning and hot water extraction carpet cleaning methods. Using the two highly recommended techniques for cleaning is what makes us stand out among the vast pool of carpet cleaners Colorado Springs CO is home to.

Colorado Springs Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet and rug cleaning Colorado Springs experts have spent months researching and have since used their vast experience to devise strategies that carefully and thoroughly clean carpets and rugs. Regardless of the method, you can rest assured knowing your product is in good hands as we 100% comply with regulatory and safety standards. Two of our primary carpet cleaning techniques that have gained enormous popularity over the last decade include:

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: Dry carpet cleaning method utilizes a comparatively less amount of water than conventional carpet cleaning methods. While most carpet cleaning Colorado Springs companies use this method, they do not execute it properly, which leads to a build-up of dirt over time. However, our high-end, green products help us provide organic and advanced dry carpet cleaning services which produce excellent outcomes that do not damage your possessions.
  • Hot water Extraction Carpet Cleaning: The steam cleaning method is one of the most common methods used for the meticulous cleaning of rugs and carpets. While it uses a significant amount of water, the total amount of moisture entering the carpet fibers is less than shampooing. This method is highly recommended since it lifts all dirt and mold particles and ensures a dust, bacteria, and virus-free environment. This is our most preferred method since it disinfects the carpet and, as a result, stops the spread of any viruses. We use good quality, heavy-duty equipment to precisely carry out the steam cleaning process. Since our primary goal is your safety and satisfaction, our team of experts guides you on the after-care of your carpets to ensure they stay clean for more extended periods.

Carpet Cleaners Colorado Springs CO

Our team of expert professional cleaners visits your house personally to get your ideas and opinions on the carpet washing process. We have emerged as leaders of the residential and commercial cleaning service providers in Colorado Springs by remaining communicative, transparent, and responsive to all our clients. Every need of each of our customers is immediately met, and inquiries are instantly answered. Our green, eco-friendly products are not only favorable for the environment and people living in the house, but they are also the best in the market. Each ingredient of our revolutionary products is put in after thorough testing and detailed research, ensuring that the final product is flawless.

We value the time and needs of our customers, which is why we have customer service that is ready to fulfill your demands at any time of the day. Whether you have a party and need your rug urgently cleaned to assure it is free of all stains or have a child who has spilled his beverage on your luxurious Persian carpet, we are the experts and have the techniques to handle it all. At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we rigidly follow safety standards and have a General Liability Insurance of $1 Million as well as carry worker’s compensation for all employees. Furthermore, we have a $10,000 employee dishonesty bond to protect our clients and their property under all circumstances. We take all these steps and precautions because trust and loyalty form a strong foundation for long-term professional relationships.

Best Carpet Cleaners in Colorado Springs

Revamping homes and offices is an essential part of who we are. Whether it’s cleaning a dusty old carpet or scrubbing an old sofa – we are present at the beck and call of our customers 24/7. We do the best upholstery cleaning Colorado Springs residents have ever seen using non-toxic, paraben-free cleaning agents that are good for the environment and perform their functions immaculately.

Our trained team starts with vacuuming all the furniture that needs polishing. Our members ensure that the upholstery is thoroughly cleaned by going over the area a few times, so there is no debris left. The treatment of the furniture follows this step. This is done by applying our naturally derived cleaning agents and boosters to get rid of grease. When it comes to upholstery cleaning Colorado Springs experts like ours then use a miniature automated brush to improve the efficiency of the applied cleaning agents. After this, the treatment is allowed to sit on the upholstery for nearly 30 minutes, and then the hot water extraction process begins. This is a highly recommended and one of the most common methods used for deep cleaning of the furniture since it removes all particles of dirt, gunk, filth, grease, and stains from it. The hot water extraction process works the same way as it does during carpet cleaning. Our dedicated team members work hard and keep repeating the process until the furniture looks as good as new.

colorado springs carpet cleaning

Rug Cleaning Colorado Springs

Rugs are expensive and often difficult to maintain. At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we understand how important your Persian and Oriental rugs are for you, which is why we offer unrivaled area rug cleaning Colorado Springs residents love. We are renowned for performing every task with care and paying close attention to detail to attain perfect results. This is how we manage to restore every rug to its original shape every time we are assigned to clean them. To begin area rug cleaning Colorado Springs experts we employ use their decades of experience to decide which technique should be implemented on a particular carpet to remove stains and dirt. Since our ingredients are naturally derived, they are safe for use around children, pets, and people allergic to chemicals.

At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, our initial responsibility is to understand what has caused damage to a rug or a carpet and devise a strategy to fix the problem. Our cleaning solutions are customized to the needs of our clients, and that is what makes us stand out. If you want to use a minimal amount of water and ensure that the carpet dries quickly, we use our dry carpet cleaning method, and if you want to disinfect and cleanse the rug thoroughly, hot extraction is the way to go. From Sheepskin to Berber rugs, Sisal to Wool rugs, we specialize in all of them. All you have to do is pick up your phone, give us a call, and we take care of the rest.