Home Cleaning Tips

At Pur Cleaning, we’re all about upping the game when it comes to effective housecleaning and property cleaning services. We have invested significantly in a kinder gentler way of cleaning – a type of cleaning that does not use harsh chemicals or impact the environment in negative ways. It’s effective – but it’s not based on high-powered cleaners and fuming sprays.

Having a clean house is more important than ever before. In order to avoid becoming sick, we are spending more time at home which makes maintaining a clean and germ free environment imperative to our health and over all happiness.

For many, New Year is the perfect time for renovations, both for personal ones, and non-personal ones like—the inside of your home!

Get everyone excited about cleaning up the house by explaining that vinegar and baking soda makes a great household cleaner that is biodegradable, eco-friendly, explosive, and really does clean with no weird residues!