Covering All The Bases When Cleaning Your Home

Covering All The Bases When Cleaning Your Home

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Having a clean house is more important than ever before. In order to avoid becoming sick, we are spending more time at home which makes maintaining a clean and germ free environment imperative to our health and over all happiness. With most of our time cleaning spent on the removal of daily clutter and debris, sweeping and vacuuming, and general tidying up, it is easy to feel we have cleaned sufficiently when in fact we have not.

Even the most housekeeping conscious homeowners overlook a few areas for many different reasons. While you may not notice them on a daily basis, these spaces can be affecting you by allowing harmful dust and germs to collect.

Air Vents

While we may remember to change the air conditioning unit filters on a regular basis, it is easy forget to clean the air vents throughout our home. These vents collect dust along the grates that becomes built up over time. Because these vents are typically placed in the ceiling, they are easily overlooked. It is important to remember to look up, and wipe down the vents in every room. This will keep the dust in your home at a minimum.

Light Switches And Door Knobs

The germ build up on light switches and door knobs in a home can be massive. When you stop to consider how many times these items are touched during a single day, it can quickly ad up to a staggering amount. Quite often, our light switch plates begin to show signs of dirt and grime if not kept clean. It is important to include these switches as well as nobs and handles on cabinets and doors wiped down regularly with an antibacterial solution.

Around & Under Appliances

Let’s face it, the idea of cleaning under and around our appliances is not exciting. However, crumbs, debris, dirt, dust, and grime all collect in the spaces around and underneath our kitchen and laundry room appliances. Not only are bugs attracted to these particles, but is is also difficult to feel you home is truly clean until these spaces have been addressed.

Professional Assistance

It is difficult for even the most multi tasking of homeowners to adequately address all of the cleaning needs of their homes. Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning understands the demands of a busy schedule and offers professional home cleaning services to meet the needs of every homeowner. When it comes to your family’s health and happiness, a clean home makes all the difference.

Let Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning provide you with the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your home is sparkling clean.

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