Enjoy These Best Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Enjoy These Best Restaurants in Colorado Springs

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After a fun-filled day in the Pikes Peak region, you can settle in and enjoy a fantastic meal in one of these casual restaurants in Colorado Springs. Whether you’re looking for a unique restaurant or a local favorite, we’ve got the perfect spot for you to grab some delicious meals. There’s an incredible variety of cuisines with exceptional locations in Colorado Springs. You’re sure to find a restaurant that provides an excellent atmosphere and food that will delight your taste buds.

Fill your belly at one of the Colorado Springs unique dining establishments:


It’s just like your mom always said: food can be healthy and delicious at the same time. Caspian is a local pick because it’s all fresh, and it’s all delicious. Caspian Cafe is home to the best healthy Mediterranean cuisines in Colorado Springs. With Turkish, Greek, and African-style dishes, this restaurant has the favorite dishes like hummus moussaka, baklava, gyros, and some that you’ve probably never experienced like Moroccan chicken and pomegranate glazed ribs.


Carlos’ Bistro is a classy restaurant and upscale spot to take your date on. You’ll never be worried about the food that lacked flavor, the dishes are exquisite, and portions are generous. Creative compliments amplify their steak and seafood flavors. It’s filet served with peppercorn brandy sauce, and chipotle cheddar fondue sauce on top shows off Carlos’ considerable talent.


If you love Thai food, Narai Thai is perfect for you. Spicy curries, Thai noodles, and seafood are found here. Almost everything on their menu comes up short of ten bucks, so it’s a fantastic deal. This spot in Downey loads dishes with fresh herbs and veggies that prepares meals to your spice taste. The fried ice cream is as good as it sounds, and their Pad Thai is the best in Colorado Springs.


As one of the favorites in the Colorado Springs’ University of Colorado crowd, Shuga’s home to one of the happy hours in the area. Check out the drinks on their menu and its legendary lavender lemonades or cocktails will help wash everything down. Its cuisines are distinctive yet modern. The Brazilian coconut soup, bacon, jalapeno mac, and cheese are house favorites.


Marigold Cafe and Bakery runs the gamut when it comes to various cuisines. Everything from fish and chips to escargot makes an appearance on the menu. You could also go Italian with a pizza or veal scallopini, or French with salmon roulade, without going wrong. Plus, there’s that all-important “bakery” component: its pastries. All the desserts are made on the spot and get constant “Best of Colorado Springs” notices. There are lemon and lime tarts,  tiramisu, creme brulee, and nearly endless variety of cakes. Necessarily, there’s something sweet enough, creamy enough, or tart enough for any palate.


Edelweiss screams German. From its cobbled stone exterior and an old-German typeface on the sign to the cuisines, it holds up. Plus, there’s live entertainment for dinner most weeknights. You’ll also find everything you’d expect for a stellar German joint on the menu, from sauerkraut and bratwurst to black forest cake and strudel for dessert. And of course, beer, lots and lots of beer. What makes Edelweiss a house favorite is the breaded pork jagerschnitzel with mushroom sauce.


Soaking in Colorado Springs’ impressive beauty is amazing, but basking in the different restaurants is a whole other thing as well. These restaurants will whip you up to various dishes that make your taste buds tingle. While you’re dining out, you can let the professionals help you make your home spotless.

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