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If you have any questions or concerns, Pür Eco Friendly is ready to answer! We’ve also compiled our Frequently Asked Questions here for your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Eco Friendly?

Eco Friendly means that we have committed to operating business with a conscious effort to minimize our environmental footprint. We use products that are naturally derived. We buy in bulk to eliminate waste. We recycle the waste that we do have. We don’t use paper towels. Our vacuums use 1/3 the electricity as regular household vacuums. And we support Greenpeace and the Oceanic Project.

Are You Insured?

We carry an impressive array of insurance. We have a General Liability of $1 Million. We carry worker’s compensation for all employees. We also carry a $10,000 Bond for employee dishonesty. Protecting our clients and our employees in case of an accident is a top priority.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not ask our clients to sign contracts because we would like to keep you based on the quality of our work and your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with anything about your service, please email or call our office as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to make things right for you. If you cannot go forth with your cleanings for any reason, you must give us a 1 week notice before your next scheduled cleaning which is proper time for us to assure that your credit card will not be charged. We ask that you send us an email stating your reason for leaving and the date of your last cleaning.

Do i have to be home while you clean?

You do not have to be home when we clean. Please make sure that we can enter your home, either by providing us with a key, a garage code or leaving a door open.

If I'm not home, how will you get in?

Most of our customers do entrust us with a key to their home or a garage code, a responsibility we take very seriously. We keep the keys in our office in a locked safe, and they are discretely labeled.

What day and time will you show up to clean?

All work is done by appointment for your convenience and our efficiency. You will have a certain day for cleaning (ie. Tuesday, Friday, etc.). We will always try to accommodate your time preference but please know that we cannot guarantee a specific time that we will arrive at your home. The arrival time windows are between 8-12 or 12-4. Traffic, weather conditions and prior cleanings also interfere with arrival times. We will always try to reach you if we will be much sooner or later than your time preference.

Can i skip a cleaning or reschedule a cleaning?

Absolutely. If you are going out of town or having company, just let us know as soon as you can so that we know how to schedule.

How and when do I pay for services?

Payment is due at the time of services rendered. We accept cash, check, and credit cards, PayPal, and Gift Certificates. If you are paying by check, just leave payment on the kitchen counter. If you are paying by credit, contact the office to set up a recurring payment that will be drafted the day of your service.

Are you a franchise?

Although we may look like a franchise on the outside because of our professionalism, we are not a franchise. We are a locally owned small business. This allows us to be more creative with our services, and enables us to accommodate our clients more effectively. We know every one of our client’s names and usually know their kids names and pet’s names too. We genuinely care about the people we are helping.

Are your housekeepers employees or subcontractors?

We never subcontract work. Our staff are employees who are insured under our General Liability policy, worker’s compensation, and bonded. pür eco friendly cleaning is fully responsible for payroll and income taxes of our employees.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

Our hiring process is very extensive. We conduct a thorough investigation into the nature and personality of the potential employee. We conduct criminal background checks, call professional and personal references, and require a drug screen. We will turn down employees with many years experience if they do not seem to have the character that we require. We have also hired and trained people with no experience because their references and character are exceptional.

What if I'm Not Happy With the Cleaning?

We want you to be extremely satisfied, in fact, absolutely delighted, with every cleaning service we provide you. So every single service comes with our 24 Hour Call Back Guarantee. Please notify our office within 24 hours of your service and we will return to re-clean the area you are not satisfied with for free. If you still aren’t completely satisfied, you pay nothing for your next cleaning. We believe there is nothing more important than your complete and total satisfaction. Many house cleaning companies don’t offer a guarantee of their work or service. We stand behind every service 100%. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our work, please call us right away. Cash refunds are not available for services rendered.

Are my valuables safe?

We work very hard to interview and hire people who are honest, have morals, and live with integrity. However, if we are ever wrong, you are still protected by our Employee Dishonesty Bond.

Can I / Should I tip the housekeepers?

Employees are paid through payroll by pür eco friendly cleaning. It is quite acceptable if you wish to leave a tip for your cleaning team member because you are happy with their service. They appreciate this vote of satisfaction but it is not expected. You are welcome to leave a cash tip or add it to the cleaning payment.

Do you provide the supplies and equipment?

Pür Eco Friendly cleaning happily provides all cleaning products, supplies and equipment. We are experts in the cleaning field and have done extensive research on cleaning products. We know what works, and more importantly – we know what is safe for you and your loved ones, which is why all of our products are Eco-Friendly, made with All Natural Ingredients.

What if I need extra services done occasionally?

Just give us a call or send us an email the day before your cleaning and we will give you a quote on the cost for extra services.

Do you pay for referrals?

Please let your friends and family know about us! If someone you refer to us uses our service at least three times, we will thank you with a free cleaning up to $100 off of your next cleaning. Please call or email our office to let us know who you have referred.