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Get kids CLEAN…and have fun!

Get everyone excited about cleaning up the house by explaining that vinegar and baking soda makes a great household cleaner that is biodegradable, eco-friendly, explosive, and really does clean with no weird residues!

You can even squeeze a lemon or other citrus fruit into the mixture for a nicer scent. This can increase the responsibilities of children who shouldn’t touch regular household cleaners to take on more of a helping role in household tasks. Make sure nobody touches their eyes before they wash their hands though, vinegar is an acid and contact with the eyes will hurt a lot.

What they get out of it: When vinegar and baking soda are mixed together, you get a non-toxic chemical reaction that causes awesome bubbling and the classic “lava” look. This is a really fun thing to see and to play with. Kids may also learn the word biodegradable – and a definition of biodegradable for those of us with four year olds in the house can simply be; something that breaks down quickly if you leave it outside for a long time. Yes, the kids might still not be enthusiastic about household cleaning, but they’ll definitely want to make sure you have enough cleaning solution on hand.

What you get out of this: The windows, sinks, toilets, and floors are cleaned up. Vinegar is inexpensive; the house gets clean and you save money! Depending on the age of your kids you might get time to do other things while they work, even if you have to keep half an eye on them at the same time.