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How To Successfully Spring Clean….One Room at a Time!

It’s officially Spring! While the birds are a-singing, we are a-cleaning. This is great news for us, because it’s what we do best. But what if you want to get into the nooks and crannies on your own and just need a little advice about where to get started? Look no further! We can help you with our Spring Cleaning Master Plan!

Start Small – Stay Small

You can easily burn out on Spring Cleaning, so it’s best to start small, and continue small, doing as much as you can at a time. But when you are becoming tired, either take a short break, or plan to continue the next day. However, you HAVE to continue. You HAVE to finish!!! And you CAN and you WILL! Start in one space. Stay in that space until it is completely finished. Do not allow yourself to venture into another space….at all costs.

Top to Bottom

We find it is most efficient to start cleaning at the top, and work your way to the bottom. Pick a room that is at the furthest most section of the house, on the top most level. Be prepared to clean, throw away, donate and organize with the appropriate boxes or bags labeled as such.

27 Thing Fling

Start by opening a cabinet, drawer, or closet by committing to throw away (or donate) at least 27 Things (aka The 27 Thing Fling). You will find that when you gather momentum, it becomes quite easy to get rid of a lot more than 27 things. The general rule of thumb is if you have not used or worn this item within the last year, it is time for it to go. Do not hold onto it because you like it, or you think you could get some use out of it. If you have not used it, you will not use it. Pass it along and give it a chance at another better, more useful life.

Clean Clean Clean

When you have rid your space of its bulk, then you can properly organize what is meant to be in that space. Before you put items back in, give the area a good cleaning by wiping walls, dusting baseboards, washing or vacuuming the floors, vacuuming out cabinets and drawers, moving furniture to clean under and behind, cleaning bugs from the tracks and the window sills, etc.

Organize It

Keep a notebook handy and if you have items like lotions, makeup, toilet paper, shoes, belts, jewelry, snow gear, Tupperware lids, cleaning supplies and arts and crafts, jot down if you need an organizer for the items. If you need a cute basket, or a shelving unit, or a chest of drawers, or some bins with lids, make sure to list what you need and what will be going in it. If it has to fit in a particular space then be sure to jot down the measurements also of where it will be going.

Keep Going!

Only when you are completely finished with one space may you move on to another. If you start several projects, your chances for success will be slim to none. Continue to each space of your house in this manner.


Spring Cleaning is a huge chore, but it holds so much reward when it is all said and done. Stay focused and organized in your work and it can be done. And remember, this type of cleaning only needs to happen once a year. So when all is said and done, you get another 12 months of throwing stuff into the spaces that it doesn’t actually belong in, and not having to worry about it.
Remember to have fun, open up the windows, and jam some great music! Happy Spring Cleaning!!