Our Promise To You on Our Staff

Our Promise To You on Our Staff

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We know that who you get to clean your house is important. At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we provide high-quality cleaning services to homeowners in the Colorado Springs area with a unique business philosophy that shows our dedication to excellence.

So who do we choose, and who do we send to your home?

Here are five promises that we make about staff to help you get peace of mind when you’re using our house cleaning services.

A Track Record of Experience

All of our professional cleaners have experience in homes. They’re not just tackling your bedroom or bathroom or kitchen for the first time ever. They’re basing their work on past successes, which provides that level of quality that you need.

Background Checks and References

All of our staff have been fully vetted for the types of flags that would come up on a background check. They have references to assure you that you’re getting someone with a stellar reputation to come into your home and clean. That’s a big concern to some of our clients so we make sure to let them know that our staff are fully qualified and fully screened

English Language Skills

Yes, we guarantee that our cleaners speak English. It’s not based on nationalism or ethnocentric concerns. We just know that a significant language barrier can cause problems when you’re trying to figure out how these cleaning services work. In a practical sense, having basic command of the English language is going to be functionally important when you’re in someone’s home. We plan accordingly. 

Phone and In-Person Interviews

When you hire Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, you’ll know that the people who come to your home have been interviewed on the phone or in person, to figure out where they’re coming from in terms of professional experience and acumen. This type of screening also makes a big difference in getting the best people on site.

Highly Rated People

Our rating system for cleaners ensures that you’re getting the cream of the crop – the best people for every job!

We also use a collection of ecologically friendly products for green cleaning in Colorado Springs. Our convenient site allows you to book online and get more of what you need with fewer hassles and headaches. Check out the site for more on how we provide the best cleaning services in and around Colorado Springs – and use our web form to get started! You’ll never regret it for even a minute. 

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