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Pay Extra Attention to These Kinds of Furniture and Fixtures!

Pay Extra Attention to These Kinds of Furniture and Fixtures

Over time, it’s normal for a piece of furniture to succumb to deterioration, especially fabrics and leathers. If you want to make your pieces of furniture last long, it’s vital that you should take good care of it. Sofas and chairs are the furniture that is most used, for example, so you have to pay extra attention to those.

You’ll have to do self-cleaning or maintenance to keep it looking great like it’s brand new. Read on to learn more about these fixtures!

Here’s an ultimate guide for furniture care and maintenance:

Vacuum cushions of your fabric-type sofas.

The easiest part of keeping your furniture clean is regularly vacuuming it. This is especially true of sofas, armchairs, some beds, cushions, etc. See to it that you clean the crevices and cracks of your furniture. You should also take into consideration between cushions and take the pillows off, so you can vacuum all sides of them.

Blot future spills quickly on you wooden floors and coffee tables.

When it comes to spills, it’s best that you act quickly and blot it. With this, you can avoid extensive cleaning sessions in the future. Treat them before they stain severely. Don’t scrub or rub liquids, just blot. Your aim is to absorb as much liquid as possible and don’t let it soak in. Vigorous movement can lead to working the fluid further into the furniture.

The type of furniture you should be extra careful with stains, are bare wooden floors.

Keep your leather sofa and ottomans out of the sun to avoid cracking and dryness.

If you put your leather furniture in direct sunlight, it will cause damage. Constant exposure won’t help with the upkeep of your furniture. You must ensure that your drapes or blinds are closed when you’re not in the room. You can also consider rotating armchairs or couches away from open windows. In your home, keep leather furniture at least two feet away from heat sources in your because constant exposure can cause the leather to crack and age.

Determine the finish used on your furniture.

The correct procedure is beginning with a mild cleaner, then moving successively toward stronger cleaning methods depending on the furniture’s reaction. You should apply a method to your furniture’s finish if it’s stained or painted. Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays unless it has a plastic coating, like the kind used on kitchen tables.

Wipe dust and loose dirt from the wooden tables.

To go over the piece of furniture, use a clean cloth and start removing any dust or dirt on the surface. Avoid using feather dusters when it comes to wood furniture as their quills can scratch. Opt for cloth for scratch-free furniture.

Always use a clean cloth when you wipe it down.

Acrylic and Lucite can be easily scratched by the little specks of dirt and grime contained within a cloth you’ve been using to clean other furniture but require minimal care. Use a new—or newly laundered—cloth to wipe your furniture down to avoid scratches.

Dust and dirt that remains in the fabric help to break down the fabric fibers and contributes significantly to shorten the life of the fabric. Regular vacuuming with a soft brush hinders degradation and is necessary for the textile to achieve durability.

To make sure that pieces of furniture in your home will endure longevity, opt for hiring a professional house cleaning service. With their highly trained staff, they will get in nooks and crannies of your furniture.

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