The 5 Best Gifts for College Bound Students

The 5 Best Gifts for College Bound Students

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The 5 Best Gifts for College Bound Students

College students are usually under a lot of stress for different reasons, so giving them the right gift after graduating high school can truly make a positive impact in their lives, especially if it’s something that they wouldn’t normally be able to afford it on their own. Let’s not forget that most of them are living on a shoestring budget. What you’re looking for is a gift that shows you care about them while also being something that they’ll be able to use in their daily lives.

If you know someone who’s just about to embark for college, all the gifts listed in this article will prove to be a game-changer for them and make it all that much easier to adapt into their new lifestyle. The items range from the big and flashy to the practical and restrained to fit into every budget, and we’ve added convenient links to find them online at the best price available; all you have to do now is choose one that will help your kid better than the rest.

Sporting a compact form while having all the functions of an Alexa, this voice-activated digital assistant will lend your college student’s home a nice companion/tool. They’ll be able to play music, make free audio calls, check the news or the weather, track their fitness routine, connect to most media apps, control their house, and much more thanks to an ever-expanding list of “skills.” If you think students won’t have much use for an assistant that answers their questions immediately, can automate parts of their life, and lets them check for a bunch of things around their new city, think again!

All college students have to take notes in one way or the other, but not all notes are simple text and nothing more; sometimes you need to draw diagrams, cram numbers, make fast annotations and so on. As convenient as they are, laptops are too streamlined in their note-taking, and handwritten notes make it easier to remember them. The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet has a realistic notepad pressure feel and lets you quickly sync your notes across a variety of platforms in PDF format, so you can immediately access everything you jotted in class and share with others. If your young student is more visually-oriented, this will be their new best friend.

Being a student means carrying a bunch of different things around with you all day long, including not-so-sturdy gadgets, and alternating between academic and professional spaces, so your old high school backpack might not be up to the task anymore. The ICON Lite Backpack is devoid of any bells and whistles, but its minimal design focuses on mobility, portability and compression, featuring a built-on sleeve for your laptop and a compact padded pouch for smaller pieces of tech. Its main purpose is to fit and blend in anywhere that your average college student will be during the day, and while it’s not the most exciting thing to sink $100 in, you’ll be giving them a sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting tool.

Coffee is the lifeblood of the academic world, and any caffeine-loving student will certainly appreciate this iced coffee maker that’s fast and easy to use so they can focus on other tasks around the house and save a ton of money in the process. Made out of BPA-free Tritan, this airtight pitcher makes four servings of cold brew coffee from any type of ground bean, but it’s resistant enough for you to pour in hot water if you want to.There are 1 and 2-quart pitcher sizes available, and the advantage for students is that it’s almost ridiculously easy to use, clean, and store, so they won’t be burdened with a gift that’s too complex and time-consuming to use.

While you can’t buy college students their precious youth back, you can get them the next best thing: A restful sleep each night. The YnM Weighted Blanket is, like the name implies, a blanket with an evenly distributed weight and made of up seven different layers to provide users with a restful, comfortable sleep while reducing stress and anxiety levels. From 5-pounds up to 25-pounds, these blankets offer the gentle-yet-firm sensation of being hugged while you drift off to sleep, something that will surely make your student feel a lot better during those dreaded pre-finals nights.
After the kids move out of the house and on to college, why not get some professional help to clean your home and that room after they’ve moved out? Or better yet, you can probably gift them a house cleaning service if their new dorm or residency allows it.

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