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At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we treat our clients and their valuables as if they are our own. When it comes to providing commercial janitorial services, we accept the responsibility of taking over the upkeep of your corporate offices or any other commercial spaces. Our janitorial services Colorado Springs businesses rely on is rigorously trained to carefully clean and maintain your commercial space. Whether you need to ensure that your kitchens, washrooms, or corridors are clean at all times of the day or you want to get your commercial space thoroughly cleaned to get rid of the dust and dirt hiding in corners, the best Colorado Springs janitorial services are only a phone call away! Here in Colorado Springs janitorial services like our team strictly follow strategies recommended by the American Hygiene Institute, which ensures a perfect, sterile commercial space. We ensure that by the time we are done cleaning your office, it will be free of dirt, dust, and thoroughly disinfected to remove any viruses or bacterias that may have been present there before.

We have emerged as one of the most promising providers of janitorial services Colorado Springs has ever seen, not only because we perform the best services but also because our janitors are humble, friendly, and considerate. Each staff member realizes that gaining access to the most private and confidential official spaces should be taken seriously, so therefore, they are trustworthy and careful at all times. Our team of janitors is intelligent, skilled, and experienced.

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Colorado Springs Janitorial Services

At Pur Eco-Friendly Cleaning, we prioritize the health and safety of all our customers. We realize that conventional cleaning agents use chemicals that are harmful to health, contain toxins, and leave behind hazardous fumes lethal to anyone exposed to them. We established our company with the sole aim to provide quality services at the most reasonable rates. One way we have accomplished this is by using green, naturally derived, and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents that are not only highly effective when it comes to getting rid of germs, dust, or dirt but also prove to be safe for use around children, pets and people with compromised immune systems. The products we use comply with the regulatory safety standards and are safe for the environment since they do not leave behind any toxic fumes as conventional cleaning agents do.

We have emerged as one of the best commercial cleaners in Colorado Springs by following a rigid hiring process and using high-end tools along with practical, naturally derived cleaning agents. Despite the large pool of commercial cleaning companies in the city, we are known for being one of the best and most reliable. Our humble, skilled, and experienced team of janitors is the reason we have successfully managed to gain the trust of our clients and developed long-term relationships with them. Furthermore, we have worker’s compensation for all employees and a $10,000 bond for employee dishonesty to protect the interests of our valued customers.