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window cleaning colorado springs
window washing colorado springs

Welcome to Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, the number one cleaning agency here in Colorado Springs. We have grown from a small dedicated service to a powerhouse of customer-satisfaction-oriented professionals who have mastered the act of cleaning and turned it into an art. For years, we have prided ourselves on being the finest cleaning service in the area, and we are especially known for specializing in cleaning specific areas of your home.

One of our specialities is windows cleaning. At Pur Eco, we view windows as your vista to the world and the channel for sunshine and light into your home. In our research about the placement of windows in a home, windows have a substantial effect on the mood of that home.
Do you ever wonder why people love views with floor-to-ceiling windows or why people would spend top dollars for those pent-houses with whole walls converted into french doors which double as windows? It’s simple, as these windows let the air in, allowing for the air to circulate in home. This simple act leads to a more healthy environment for you and your family! In addition, having natural sunlight seep into your home provides you with a Vitamin D, a very necessary vitamin for your health.

At Pur Eco, before we decided to enter the window cleaning fracas, we wanted to know what windows meant to our people in Colorado Springs. We researched the window cleaning Colorado Springs CO residents preferred and we discovered that a dirty window is simply a chore and a clean window is a joy. We continued our research and found out that the window washing Colorado Springs love always involves sparkling clean windows at the end of the process. They don’t like smudges, they don’t like bits and pieces speckled all over the glasses, and they don’t want leaves covering the windows. All they want is a window so clean it’s hard to believe, and that’s what we deliver!

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Window Washing Colorado Springs

At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, we wash windows as you’ve never experienced in your life.
Before we came on board, the competition was getting away with sub-standard cleaning procedures that only removed 60% percent of visible stains. We guarantee that we will never do this. Service has been at the center of our mission; we deliver excellent cleaning services to all of Colorado Springs and in our long years of business, it has become obvious that we have kept to our word time and time again. We want you to be able to drive through Colorado Springs and point to sparkly windows and without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll know it’s the work of Pur Eco Friendly cleaning.

‘Sparkling windows beyond all doubt’ has been our guiding mantra for all the years we have been in service washing and cleaning the windows of the folks of Colorado Springs. It’s our ultimate goal to set a standard for clean windows that will be impossible to beat.

Window Cleaners Colorado Springs

At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, we go above and beyond to push the boundaries of what is excellent service. The window cleaning Colorado Springs residents’ love is based on experience and high commitment to standards that have remained unwavering in the face of knock-offs looking for a quick buck.

At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. That is why we put our best foot forward… or rather our best cleaning hand forward to give your window the shine it deserves. We have found it’s usually the edges of the windows that accumulate the most grime, so we have special tools to get it all out and seal any holes that might accumulate more dirt in the future. For the finest window cleaners Colorado Springs trust, give us a call today! Our cleaners from Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning know how to complete a job quickly and efficiently.

Unlike the competition, we try the inside and outside of your windows as one unit and will accordingly include them in any window washing packages you opt into. Windows are not carpets that take up a lot of dirt and grime, but if you have a family with young kids and an easily accessible window, you might see little handprints appearing regularly on the surface of your window. For this problem, we can easily recommend little DIY solutions that make it easy for you to clean your windows; however, we’ll gladly handle it if it gets out of hand or we can handle it all from the get-go.

At Pur Eco friendly cleaning, we offer tons of cleaning services that include every facet of your home, and our customers usually insert a window cleaning as part of a full house clean. You’re welcome to take us up on cleaning other parts of your house, or we can start with your windows and show why we’re the best at what we do.

Window Cleaning Colorado Springs CO

Yes, we think DIY solutions are great, but have you noticed your windows are not fully clean?
Have you noticed clear streaks and spots on them that are simply annoying and refuse to go away no matter how hard you go at it with your cleaning equipment? You might just be dealing with hard water stains, which are usually caused by the breakdown of calcium and other minerals in ionized water. At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, we have professionals who know just how to get rid of these tricky stains. We also have eco friendly products that attack these hard water stains and wipe them off smoothly. Our professionals ensure by the time they are done cleaning, your window looks clearer than fine glass. Furthermore, we also apply products to your window that ensure that these stains are unable to form again, thereby saving you costs on continuous window cleaning.

window cleaners colorado springs

Window Cleaning Colorado Springs

When we talk about windows, most people think about the pane of glass separating the house from the outside world; however, it’s easy to forget about internal windows as they are vital as well. Granted, not many homes have internal windows or panes of glass separating different living areas, but they must get the clean they deserve at all times because an oversight can cause a long build-up of grime and dirt that can cost more to remove in the future.

In that same light, glass doors are well within our jurisdiction and we look forward to the look of surprise on the face of our clients when they realize how clean their glass doors can get. When we clean your windows, we clean the blinds too unless you specifically have ordered cleaning for your windows only. Our policy to clean your blinds comes from our research data that suggests that blinds are most likely to hide the dirt and grime on your windows and may directly add dirty onto the glass themselves. Screens are not exempted from these treatments too; we clean the screens to your windows and ensure that there every area around your windows is squeaky clean too!

In the event, your windows have not been cleaned in a long time and have accumulated a lot of muck and grime that have hardened, don’t fret because we have special solutions that are specially designed to soften accumulated grime and make them easier to ease off without damaging the windows underneath. In cases like this, we always advise you to call in a professional because trying to scrape off the dirt and grime with a sharp object might scratch the windows and deface them (which is a situation I’m sure you want to avoid.)

Window Washing Colorado Springs

Our Name is Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning; therefore, eco friendly cleaning is at the center of our services because we have an unchanging stance in the belief that a green earth is the best for everyone. In line with this belief, we have ensured that all the products we use in our cleaning processes are eco-friendly and are biodegradable. If you doubt the strength of our window cleaning products because they’re pure eco friendly and do not contain any chemicals damaging to the environment, we invite you to give us a trial with any window in your home and we’ll be glad to show you just how efficient our products are. We also have eco-friendly products we can recommend to you for your DIY cleaning.

We also have access to numerous window repairmen and contractors ,so we can always provide you with options in case you need a quick window fix.

If you have windows that need that Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning touch or are tired of your windows that look like they could be cleaner, then reach out to us via our dedicated helplines, and we will be right there to give your windows that cleaning touch they need. Give us a call today – we look forward to cleaning your windows.