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Welcome to Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, which here in Colorado Springs house cleaning services residents love and trust. We are a team of efficient and quick experts in the art of cleaning and organization. We have grown over the years to offer house cleaning services Colorado Springs homes deserve at all times. At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, we do not compromise on our standards when it comes to giving your home that superior cleaning touch that rids it of dust, dirt, and germs that are ultimately harmful to your health. We are the company that knows just how to give your home the right touch.

At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, we offer a wide array of cleaning services that range from kitchen, bathroom, laundry services, blinds, walls, ovens, balcony, and general cleaning services in Colorado Springs. We also accommodate special requests to pay extra attention to certain areas and tough spots (though this is hardly necessary as our cleaners pay close attention to their tasks and ensure that you rarely have any complaints.) We believe in providing customized packages for our clients as the cleaning needs of each home are often different; nevertheless, you have the option to pay a flat rate or an hourly rate (please refer to our pricing page for more information.)

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Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs

FRIDGE CLEANING: As the best service for house cleaning Colorado Springs offers, we provide the best fridge cleaning services available. Usually, our standard procedure is to turn off your fridge, unload it, allow for some cooling time and then go right into the business of cleaning. Usually, if you’ve ordered a full-house clean, we unload your fridge immediately when we arrive, handle other areas that need cleaning, and clean the fridge last of all.

Since we differ from other cleaning companies in Colorado Springs who hardly offer freezer cleaning because it can get tedious (never mind the de-frosting wait time), we have gone one step further to offer these services with a tiny condition: that you turn off the freezer from the power supply at least 12 hours before our appointment is due. This makes our job easier for us and drastically takes down the time if you’re booking on an hourly basis.

Booking a fridge clean is easy; you can include it in the areas of interest when you choose the flat rate option or hourly rate option, and we’ll be glad to be of service.

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CABINET CLEANING: Kitchen cabinets often start with the simple reason of keeping our kitchen clutter organized and out of sight, but over time, the cabinets simply clutter beyond imagination. There are pots, pans, cutlery, and everything in between, plus the pests that often find such chaotic spaces a perfect housing spot.

At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, we understand how tiresome it can be to clean and organize your kitchen cabinets. We provide the most thorough cabinet cleaning you can receive from any house cleaners in Colorado Springs. Our procedure depends on the condition of the cabinet as at the time of our cleaning appointment, as the cabinet may be empty or full and needs to be manually decluttered. The first option is our proffered option as it saves time on unloading and reloading before and after cleaning.

Nevertheless, we also work with you on the second option. Apart from Kitchen cabinets, we also handle the cleaning of other cabinets in your home. Please inform us of the condition and number of your cabinets when you contact us, so we can provide a cleaning package tailored for you. This enables us to give you the best cleaning services Colorado Springs residents rely on.

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BALCONY CLEANING; At Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, we treat balconies and patios as an extension of your home; this mindset ensures that we pay premium attention to every balcony and patio we clean. Since we offer the best maid service Colorado Springs residents love, our balcony cleaning service is often requested as part of the full house cleaning package.

As always, we love to provide a personalized experience for your home, we often inquire into the size of the balcony. 10 square meters is the industry average and bigger sizes might influence a slight increase in rates but not to worry, we remain the most affordable when it comes to Colorado Springs cleaning services by the best house cleaners in Colorado Springs.
You can order a balcony clean as a stand-alone service or as part of a full house cleaning package.

Either way, we will still deliver and provide impeccable services, our cleaners have an eye for pointing out structural failings that might escalate to more expensive repairs later on. Our cleaners point this out to you so your contractor can get it fixed, or you can let us recommend a contractor we trust to handle these repairs for you too.

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BLINDS CLEANING; Blinds are notorious for collecting dust quicker than most surfaces; this can make them a chore to clean. With Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, you need never worry about your blinds dirtying up because we apply careful cleaning procedures to ensure every individual blind is thoroughly clean. Often we go for the dry wipe, but in the event of blinds that have accumulated a large amount of dust, we employ wet wipes and washes where applicable.
The cleaning of blinds is also included in our full house cleaning package, but can always be requested as a stand-alone service.
The quality of our cleaning has earned us the reputation of the finest house cleaning Colorado Springs has ever seen.

KITCHEN CLEANING; The kitchen is where we pull out all the stops; this is where Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning truly shines through. Our cleaners are in their element when they clean your kitchen; you can rest assured that you will not recognize your kitchen after we are done. We know that the kitchen, by nature, is bound to have many stains, spills, and stubborn marks that just won’t go away. You can rest easy knowing that the finest house cleaning services Colorado Springs residents love is with our company.

Our kitchen cleaning services come in different packages. In the full house cleaning, we clean everything in your kitchen as this includes your microwaves, fridges, and cabinets, but if you would like these and other areas to be excluded, we’ll be happy to oblige you. We take kitchen cleaning very seriously; we assure you of the top customer satisfaction that is 100% percent guaranteed when you book Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning for your kitchen cleaning needs.

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BATHROOM CLEANING; Bathrooms are essentially one of the most important parts of your home, and their importance cannot be overstated. It is where you bathe, change and look good every day. It is also the receptor of a lot of dirt and wastes, and as such, requires the expert eye and hands of Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning to not only spot tough spots, but clean them up effectively and leave your bathroom feeling like a brand new unit.

This is the service that Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning promises every day. When we arrive to clean your bathroom, we ensure that we’ll leave no spot behind by the time we’re done. Pur cleaners are specially trained in cleaning bathrooms and have improved steadily; we can confidently say no bathroom can stand before Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning cleaners (notwithstanding, we’d like you to understand that a very dirty bathroom might take up more time than the average bathroom cleaning, and this might reflect in the final bill.)

Get in touch with us, and we’ll give you a quote after the inspection so we don’t overcharge you for the personalized experience you’ll get from the best house cleaners in Colorado Springs.
Bathroom cleaning comes as a standalone service as well.

Other Services we offer include END-OF-LEASE/BEGINNING-OF-LEASE CLEANING, which we offer to people who are either moving in or out of a building and would like to get everything into sparkling condition. Furthermore, our Products are super eco-friendly as we have a firm Green Earth stance and strongly believe in making the earth safer and healthier for everybody.
If you think eco-friendly products are weaker than conventional products, think again, as our top-of-the-line products are nothing short of fantastic in their efficiency. Keeping the earth clean and your home clean is our ultimate purpose at Pur Eco-Friendly cleaning and your satisfaction comes next to the thing.

As usual, Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning is here to serve, and we invite you to always reach out to us on our dedicated helplines to discuss any doubts and inquiries you might have. Just call us, and we will be right over to inspect and give you a quotation that suits your home perfectly.
We look forward to cleaning your home.