Superior Carpet Cleaning Methods and Results

Superior Carpet Cleaning Methods and Results

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At Pur Cleaning, we’re all about upping the game when it comes to effective housecleaning and property cleaning services. We have invested significantly in a kinder gentler way of cleaning – a type of cleaning that does not use harsh chemicals or impact the environment in negative ways. It’s effective – but it’s not based on high-powered cleaners and fuming sprays. 

One excellent example is our carpet cleaning system. It’s not your average house-cleaning methodology. It’s based on something deeper and the things that we’ve learned as we become an established business in the Colorado Springs area.

Our Unique Service Model

You can see what’s unique about our service model in a nutshell on our website. We use the words – book, clean, relax – what this refers to is our easy online booking system, and effective responding teams that make your cleaning a simple and easy process. We know that there’s a lot going on in your life, and when you make the decision to get cleaning services, that process has to run smoothly. We’ve enabled that with our specialized booking systems – and we think that’s a big value for families where there’s a need for easy, useful processes to get help with a property. 

Getting the Best People

We also invest in vetting our staff and putting together teams that are going to be effective at your property. Again, you can read more about this online, but it’s something that we’re committed to in the course of serving our customers. It’s something that all of us agree on as a major part of our business philosophy, and our customers value it, too. 

The Natural Carpet Cleaning Method

It’s tempting to be discouraged when you see dirty, stained and worn carpet and try to figure out how to improve the situation.

But in most cases, you can get simply stunning results with our natural carpet cleaning method that does not create harsh fumes and the residue of caustic chemicals inside your property.

Our hot water extraction method is not something that’s overpowering or requires you to fumigate areas of your home. It’s a simple process, but it’s one that works abundantly, and one that we use time after time to create great results for our clients.

For more, browse the web site and see how Pur Cleaning can help you to achieve your property goals. We’ve been doing this for a while, and we are passionate about what we do! We want to offer you a way to keep your property in great condition, no matter how busy you get. 

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